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May 13, 2019

SOUTH BERWICK, ME – The Falls Chamber of Commerce held their 30th annual awards dinner on May 3rd where Chris Maxwell was recognized as Board Member of the Year.  As Chair of the board, Chris proudly represents HRCU where he is the director of Human Resources.

Yearly, the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is elected, and roles are fulfilled to ensure their mission of business advancement continues. A singular Board of Director may put in anywhere between 5 and 20 volunteer hours monthly to assist the Executive Director with carrying out the Chamber’s mission.

The Chamber is a hard-working organization and is proud of the transition they have experienced in the past few years as The Falls Chamber of Commerce was formed. Some changes are unseen to Chamber Members and the community; changes like policy updates, mission classification, administration procedures, accounting practices, by-law updates, and other efficiencies. These updates are vital to a non-profit such as the Chamber and ensure consistency.

“An enormous portion of these changes were proposed, implemented, studied, revised and preserved by Maxwell. The volunteer hours he has given on behalf of the Chamber would equate to a part-time job”, said Caroline Pope, Vice Chair of The Falls Chamber. “He is a colleague we all wished we had at our jobs and an individual who is a phenomenal role model for leadership, guidance, and community involvement.”

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