HRCU Completes First Junior Achievement Class at Valley View

FARMINGTON, NH – HRCU is pleased to announce that they recently partnered with Junior Achievement and completed their first financial literacy program with the second graders of Valley View Elementary School. Each of these students went through a variety of hands-on financial education activities designed specifically to fit their level of learning.

 “This (Junior Achievement) is really good because our school is moving towards project-based learning, everything is a lot more hands-on,” said Lynne Coelho, teacher of one of the classes. “Everything was something they (the students) could touch and look at and see, rather than just reading off a print. It got them more engaged and motivated.”

“HRCU believes that financial literacy and money management are important life skills that all children need to know.  Junior Achievement allows us to bring these financial lessons into the classroom,” said Leah Taylor, the Director of Youth Financial Education for HRCU.

HRCU is providing this free service for classes in the area interested in inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Any local schools interested in bringing Junior Achievement to their school should contact Leah Taylor, at or 603-332-6840 ext. 2206.

Junior Achievement is a national organization that during the 2015-2016 academic year was able to teach 23,802 students at 147 schools, in New England alone.

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