HRCU Hosts “Real-Life” Fair for Homeschool Co-Op

Rochester, NH – On April 5th HRCU hosted a mini CU 4 Reality fair at their main office at 133 Brock Street. 13 students from a local homeschool co-op attended the event to get a firsthand look at what real-life expenses can be expected. 

This hands-on event provides students with a financial lesson that focuses on their prospective career choice’s entry level salary and allows them to make financial decisions within their monthly budget for things such as housing, transportation, food, emergencies, splurges and more.

Students review real-world monthly spending options for their needs, while also being given options for elective expenses, such as entertainment.  At the program’s completion, each student’s spending is evaluated with a credit counselor against the salary for their possible occupation and they get an understanding for how their chosen expenses stack up against their budget.

“I learned a lot and had a lot of fun! It showed me how to deal with debt and how to overcome it and cut costs where you need to. I hope other students get as much out of it as I did! Thank you!” said Katie S., a student who attended the event.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at HRCU today. I think it was very good for the students to experience some real-life experience scenarios! It was great to see the students making well thought-out financial decisions as they walked around the tables, talking to different financial representatives!” said Lori S., a parent of one of the participating students.

At this first-ever homeschool CU 4 Reality for HRCU, they were joined by representatives from Bernier Insurance and Northeast Planning Associates to educate these students.


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