HRCU IT Technician Bartoszak Teaches in South Africa

Cape Town, WC South Africa – HRCU IT Technician Katrina Bartoszak recently spent time teaching computer literacy and typing to children at Christian David Moravian Primary School in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. She was able to do this with the help of International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) who introduced her to a South African program called Dreams to Reality.

Bartoszak had been looking for a way to help where she could and see other cultures. While volunteering at Christian David, she worked with 7 children during each class period, starting with the basics and what keys were and from there progressed students through lessons as they received passing grades in each previous one. Students who finished the 10th lesson, were rewarded with time to use the computer for fun.

“It was fun watching the kids and how excited they got when they had a really high percentage, and how they would start competing with each other trying to get a .1% up on another person,” said Bartoszak.

Overall Bartoszak says the experience was about what she expected, but it was not without its challenges, “At one point for a couple days we were working in a shipping container because the classroom we were going to use was utilized for nurses to do checkups.”

Bartoszak, a resident of Barrington NH has been with HRCU since April 2017. Before HRCU she studied AS Information Technologies at Southern New Hampshire University graduating in 2018.

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