HRCU Participates in Somersworth CU 4 Reality

Somersworth, NH – This past month a CU 4 Reality fair was held at Somersworth High School. HRCU sponsored the event and volunteered the time of several of their staff members. Both the ninth-grade class of Somersworth High and the eighth graders of Somersworth Middle School participated in this fair.

This hands-on event provides students a personal financial lesson that focuses on their prospective career choice’s entry level salary, which they receive a monthly “salary” (after taxes) and will have to make financial decisions on budgeting for things such as housing, transportation, food, emergencies, splurges and more.

The students are given the opportunity to meet with various representatives from community businesses to discuss real-world monthly spending options for needs like housing and transportation, while also being given options for entertainment and other elective expenses.  At the programs completion, each student’s spending is evaluated against the salary for their possible occupation and they get a feel for how within budget, or over budget, they may be.

“Financial education is an important lesson for all ages to learn.  We hope this program teaches students to be financially smart, especially when they start to get their first paycheck, pay their first bills, buy their first car, and that they will continue responsible financial behavior into adulthood,” said Leah Taylor, Director of Youth Financial Education.

Many community businesses volunteer their time to represent the different budget items students will have to decide on.  These included Northeast Planning Associates, Bernier Insurance, Goodwin Health Center, Granite State College, Strafford Learning Center, Department of Education and Comcast.


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