Cash & VioletM3 Super Saver Days lets your children make deposits!

As part of the M3 Money Club, your children will have the opportunity to conduct their financial business the first Saturday of the month at our branches for Super Saver Day! It's a great way to get kids involved and used to saving money and planning for their future.

HRCU understands the importance of educating and helping today’s youth save money. That’s why we help parents to educate their kids and give them a way to make deposits!

For more information call Member Services at (603) 332-6840 or e-mail


Would you like Cash & Violet to visit your youth program?

Cash & Violet love to teach financial education!  If you have a classroom or another type of youth program, we can provide a 45 minute long activity.

Activities you can chose from:

• Story time:  We have many financial books geared for youth.  You can choose a specific book from our book list.
• Financial activity packets:  Word puzzles, newsletters, coloring, games, etc.
• Structured lessons: Wants vs. needs, budgeting, and saving money.  Works best with smaller groups. 

Just send an email to to get started!