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Finance at HRCU


Get financing in order so you can upgrade your everyday vehicle or refinance an existing loan from another institution. We offer many options to suit all types of auto loan needs. Plus, our rates are some of the lowest in the area.

  • Dealer or private party sales
  • New or used
  • Same-day decisions
  • Weekly or bi-weekly payments are also available
  • Loan will be held and serviced right here at HRCU
  • Extended warranties and GAP policies available for both new and used autos
  • Life/Disability payment insurance available to eligible borrowers

Auto Purchase Rates

Auto Purchase Rates

TypeTermAPR*Finance Up ToMin. Finance AmountMonthly Payment/$1,000
2016 & Newer24 - 63 Months3.49%125% LTV$5,000$17.40Apply Now
64 - 75 Months3.99%125% LTV$15,000$15.09Apply Now
76 - 84 Months4.99%125% LTV$20,000$13.90Apply Now
2011 - 201524 - 63 Months3.74%125% LTV$5,000$17.51Apply Now
64 - 75 Months4.24%125% LTV$15,000$15.21Apply Now
76 - 84 Months5.24%125% LTV$20,000$14.25Apply Now
2009 - 201024 - 63 Months4.24%125% LTV$5,000$17.74Apply Now

Auto Refinance Rates

Auto Refinance Rates

TypeTermAPR*Finance Up ToMin. Finance AmountMonthly Payment/$1,000
2016 & Newer24 - 63 Months2.99%125% LTV$5,000$17.18Apply Now
64 - 75 Months3.74%125% LTV$15,000$14.98Apply Now
76 - 84 Months4.74%125% LTV$20,000$14.02Apply Now
2011 - 201524 - 63 Months3.24%125% LTV$5,000$17.29Apply Now
64 - 75 Months3.99%125% LTV$15,000$15.10Apply Now
76 - 84 Months4.99%125% LTV$20,000$14.14Apply Now
2009 - 201024 - 63 Months3.99%125% LTV$5,000$17.63Apply Now

*Rate shown is annual percentage rate (APR) and subject to change without notice.  Loan APR based on evaluation of credit worthiness and ability to repay. Rates listed are with .25% discount for an active HRCU checking account with direct deposit, a .15% discount for an automatic payment on your HRCU auto loan, and a .10% discount for member loyalty (2 year minimum). 

Payment Example: A $15,000 loan with a rate of 3.24% for 48 months, monthly payment is $333.64, total finance charges are $1,014.22.
HRCU does not finance model years older than 2009. 

Finance at the Dealer

Get pre-approved before you head out to the dealership or apply for your HRCU loan while scoping out the vehicles on the lot. The CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending) program gives you access to great Credit Union rates and an approval in minutes!

First-Time Car Buyer Program

First-time car buyer? Our rates and terms for first-time car buyers are miles better than those at the dealerships. Plus, we can teach you what you need to know about gap policies and extended warranties! Call us or come in and see us before you go car shopping!