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Control Your Cash with a Teen Savings Account

Get a taste of real financial independence when you open a Teen Savings account with as little as $5.00.

What can I gain from an account?

  • Earn Interest: Watch your savings grow the smart way, by earning interest over time. 
  • Learn As You Go: Discover the ins and outs of banking with an account designed for you to manage money, save for the future, and spend wisely. 
  • Safety Net Included: Enjoy the perks of independence while knowing your money's protected.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • Social Security Number
  • Student ID
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Let's make it official.

A quick trip to one of our branches with a parent or guardian is all it takes. Your future self will thank you!

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Level Up with a Teen Checking Account

Take the next step towards owning your financial future. 

Complete your financial picture:

  • No Monthly Fees: Keep more of your money where it belongs - with you. 
  • Manage Your Money: Shop online, save for something big, or just keep your funds safe and sound. It's all on your terms. 
  • Mobile Wallet Ready: Add your FREE debit card to your phone for Apple Pay®, Google Pay or Samsung Pay® for contactless and easy purchases.
  • Bank On-The-Go: You can manage your account anywhere, anytime with the HRCU mobile app. 

Visit us at a branch location with your parent or guardian today!

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Stay Smart. Invest In a CD.

Grow your money with an i$ave Certificate of Deposit (CD). With this safe investment option, you'll supercharge your savings with a higher rate of return and set yourself up for success with long-term financial planning. 

How do CDs work? 

When you open a CD account, you put away a fixed amount of money for a set period. Your money earns interest during this time as a reward for keeping it in the account. You can start with just $100 and hold up to $10,000 for one year.

Bring your parent or guardian to one of our branch locations and start growing your savings with an i$ave CD!

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Still not sure what a CD is? Read our latest blog post



Resources You Should Check Out

It's good to check your knowledge every once in a while. You might just learn something important! 


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