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Unsecured & Secured Personal Loans

Make your money work for you! Take advantage of even more great benefits and services while boosting your balance with competitive monthly dividends.

Loan Options

Unsecured Personal Loan: This loan bases your borrowing amount on your current financial picture.

Share Secured Personal Loan: This loan is ideal for building credit by borrowing against your own savings account.

Share Certificate Secured Loan: Borrow against your CD (Certificate of Deposit) to pay for unexpected expenses.


Personal Loans

TypeAPR*Monthly Payment/$1,000
Personal Loan Unsecured8.99%$20.76Apply Now
Share Secured LoanCurrent Share Rate + 3.00%$18.00Apply Now
Share Certificate Secured LoanCurrent Share Certificate Rate + 3.00%$18.87Apply Now

*Rate shown is annual percentage rate (APR) and subject to change without notice. Rates listed are with .25% discount for an active HRCU checking account with direct deposit, a .15% discount for an automatic payment on your HRCU personal loan, and a .10% discount for member loyalty (2 year minimum).

Payment Example: A $5,000 personal loan with a rate of 8.49% for 48 months has a monthly payment of approximately $123.24. Total finance charge is approximately $915.06. Other terms & rates available.

For more information contact us at (877) 895-6840. Rates and conditions are subject to change without notice. Special terms and conditions apply. Maximum personal loan amount is $20,000.

Personal Line of Credit

Only want to borrow what you need? A personal line of credit is like a personal loan, but you have the flexibility to use and repay the funds available as necessary.


Personal Line of Credit

Minimum AmountAPR*

*APR equals Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are based on an evaluation of credit worthiness and ability to repay. All rates and conditions are subject to change without notice. APR using current index and margin would be 9.25% or higher. Adjustments are based on Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal plus a margin as low as 6.00% (based on credit rating). Prime Rate as of 3/16/2020 is 3.25%. An annual fee of $20 will be charged each anniversary date of the line of credit. The minimum annual percentage rate that may be imposed is 9.25% and the maximum annual percentage rate that may be imposed is 18.00%. The Personal Line of Credit does not have an expiration period but will be reviewed every 24 months for credit worthiness and ability to repay. The conclusion of said review could lead to changes in rate, line amount, or termination of the line.

Credit Builder Program

The credit builder program is designed for individuals (a no co-signer program) who are looking to establish credit or ways to help re-build credit.

  • $250 deposit into a share savings account will be held. In return HRCU will offer a $500 term loan for 12 months at a fixed rate of 8.25%
  • HRCU will also offer (at its discretion) an unsecured Visa up to $1,000. Rate will be based on what credit tier the individual falls into at the time of application.

Applicant must be an existing member with HRCU and have already established their employment direct deposit into an HRCU account.

New members would become eligible after their second direct deposit has been received into the account

Applicants would be required to watch a short 3 – 5 min video on the basics of credit (still in production) that will be available via I-Pad while their loan is being processed.

Members are only eligible for 1 credit builder program loan at a time.

In person credit counseling available by request (appointment may be required)

Credit Life and Disability

Credit Insurance may make your loan payments when you can’t

Life can be wonderful. But it can also get complicated when unexpected things happen. Protecting your loan payments against unexpected disability and covered life events could help protect more than your finances. It could help lighten the burden for the people you care about. Insure your loan payments today so you can worry a little less about tomorrow.

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