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  1. Yes, new members can register for online banking on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

  2. You should ensure that HRCU has a valid email address on file for you. If we do not have a valid email for you, you will have problems logging in in for the first time. Please call us at (603) 332-6840, use Live Chat, or email .

  3. No, you will have one registration that you use in Online Banking, as well as the Mobile App. Registering one time will give you access to both.

  4. If you look at a previous statement for your account, the primary account holder’s name should be listed at the top. If you are still not clear on this, please email us at info at HRCU dot org and we can help you figure this out!

  5. Yes, the desktop version is mobile responsive, so it shrinks to fit the screen size of the device you are using. However, the Mobile App is much better for mobile phone use.

  6. Yes, you will be able to enable Face ID for sign in purposes should you wish to.

  7. Yes, if you would like to have biometrics launch without having to click Login With Face or Fingerprint ID you have the open to turn off the Snapshot. Login to the mobile app, Go to Settings and Snapshot is the last option. This will eliminate the snapshot balance appearing on your initial log in screen and will auto launch the biometrics and log you right into the app.

  8. You should see “Forgot username?” or “Forgot Password?” links on the login screen for whichever issue you are having. Please click the one that applies for you and follow the steps. 

  9. You can set-up and manage your own transfers within the Digital Banking platform in the “Transfers” widget. If you need assistance, please contact Member Support at (603) 332-6840 or .

  10. Scheduled transfers will run twice per day – 12 PM and at the end the very end of the day. We will attempt to complete transfers a second time if it should fail the first time. If you have a transfer scheduled (can be daily, weekly, monthly etc.) and you do not have the funds in your account to cover that transfer at 12 PM when the first attempt is made, that transfer will be attempted a second time at the very end of the business day. You can set up a notification to alert them you in the event a transfer fails. You would then have the afternoon to add funds to the account to cover the transfer.

  11. While many institutions and accounts are supported, we cannot guarantee all external accounts can be added into our digital banking platform. Your other institution has the ultimate control over if they will allow your account to be displayed here or not. If you would like to add an account and are unable to, please voice these concerns with the other institution that you would like to see them support this feature.

  12. Go to the Widget called Widget Options, or Settings by clicking on your name (At the top right of the screen if on a desktop PC). Once you are in this Settings menu, click on the Accounts tab. Here you can delete any external account you wish.

  13. Funds can be sent from your HRCU account to a deposit account you own at another institution. If you have a loan at that other institution the money must go into a deposit account first. You would then have to set-up an internal transfer at the other institution to move the money from your deposit account to your loan. This is because we are doing micro deposits to verify your account before we allow any ACH to occur. All credit card payments need to be done through bill pay or directly at the credit card company site.

  14. When you select hide an account, it is hidden from your dashboard and the accounts widget. The only way you will be able to view it is when you click on “Settings” and then “Accounts”. Accounts that are hidden can be changed at any time.

  15. My Better Credit is a tool for you to not only access your updated credit score (As well as, factors that go into your report & score) at any given time, but you will also receive personalized offers of products that may benefit from. We encourage all members to check out this widget within Digital Banking!

  16. Yes you can. Go to the Widget called Widget Options, or Settings by clicking on your name (At the top right of the screen if on a desktop PC). Once you are in this Settings menu, click on the Accounts tab and click on the pencil to edit the settings for that account, including its name, color and whether you would like it hidden from the dashboard.

  17. Yes you can. Go to the Widget called Widget Options, or Settings by clicking on your name (At the top right of the screen if on a desktop PC). Once you are in this Settings menu, click on the Widgets tab. Here you can select up to five widgets you would like favorited and displaying in your dashboard by clicking the star. You may need to first click the star on one you want to remove to make room for the one you are trying to add. You can also click Reorder Favorites at the top to change the order they display in your dashboard.

  18. Provided that you log in at least once every 90 days, you will be able to see transaction history dating back up to 18 months. Please access your monthly statements to see further back if needed. If you do not log in every 90 days, you will also need to rely on monthly statements to see transactions dating further back.

  19. Yes, simply sign-up for eStatements in the “eDocs” widget.

  20. When viewing that check transaction, click on the little pencil next to the amount to view a photo of the check.

  21. Yes, please view the resources available on this page!

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