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Mobile Deposit

  1. Paper checks scanned using Mobile Deposit should be stored securely for 45 days. After this time, paper check may be destroyed.

  2. Scanned deposits can be deposited into the following accounts:

    1. Is Mobile Deposit secure? HRCU uses advanced technology to protect the confidentiality and security of your financial activities while you are online. Since it is an element of HRCUâ€s Mobile App, we require a username and password to access any account information using Mobile Deposit. Additional security features include SSL technology and security certificates.
    2. What is Mobile Deposit? Mobile Deposit is a secure service offered by HRCU that allows you to take a picture with your mobile device and electronically deposit a business or personal check into your account from your HRCU Mobile App.
      1. From the HRCU Mobile App menu, select "Mobile Deposit"
      2. Select the account that you would like to make a check deposit
      3. *To endorse the check, include the following information on the back of the check(s):
        1. 1. Your signature
        2. 2. The words, "For Mobile Deposit Only HRCU Account #___," beneath your signature
      4. Enter the total deposit amount of your check and take a picture of the front and back of your check with your mobile device, (only one check may deposited at a time)
      5. Review and submit your deposit
      6. Write the date of deposit on the back of your check and securely store the check. We recommend you keep the paper check for 45 days and then destroy it

    *If the back of the check is not properly endorsed, HRCU reserves the right to reject the check for deposit.

  3. The following devices support Mobile Deposit:

    • iPhones with an operating system newer than 4.3
    • iPods with a camera and an operating system newer than 4.3
    • iPad 3 and iPad 4
    • Any Android device with a camera
  4. Deposits are credited to your account instantly, however, checks are held for credit union review; please refer to our Funds Availability Policy to find out when your deposit will be available for use.

  5. Our Member Support Center is here to help and assist you, simply call (603) 332-6840 or (877) 895-6840 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

  6. No, HRCU Mobile Deposit is a free service we offer to our membership.

  7. HRCU will NOT accept the following checks through this service:

    • Checks in amounts over $7,500.00.
    • Checks payable to cash
    • Checks in foreign currency or drawn on a foreign bank
    • Third party checks (a check that is endorsed by one person (payee) to another person who becomes the holder and can claim money from it)
    • Post – dated checks
    • Stale –dated checks (generally checks dated more than 180 days prior)
    • Unsigned checks
    • Starter kit checks (a small supply of generic checks, commonly issues when someone first opens a checking account)
  8. Yes, default Mobile Deposit limits are set as follows and are subject to review and change at any time:Daily Deposit Limit: aggregated total of $10,000.00.

  9. Checks must be endorsed by all parties listed as payees on the check. The check should be endorsed as: "For Mobile Deposit Only. HRCU Account #_____" should be written under the signatures BEFORE a picture of the item is taken. Please note, third party checks cannot be accepted.

  10. Mobile Deposit uses an automatic enrollment process that is based on certain criteria. Once you log into the system, it will determine if you are eligible for the product or not. Eligibility may be terminated without notice if you do not meet the requirements or fail to comply with the rules and regulations for the service. This may include presenting third party checks, fraudulent items, or not placing proper endorsement on the items presented.

  11. Deposits can only include one check at a time; however, multiple deposits can be submitted each day.Example: If you have three checks, three separate images should be taken and three separate deposits should be made.

  12. Once you have signed up for HRCU Online Banking and downloaded the HRCU Mobile App through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you will automatically have access to Mobile Deposit. If you have already downloaded HRCUâ€s Mobile App please make sure it is up to date (visit the Apple App and Google Play Store to check if your app needs to be updated), log into your account through the App, and read and accept the user agreement. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you are set to deposit from anywhere at any time.

  13. Deposits can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Mobile Deposit business day runs from 8pm to 8pm, which means if a deposit is scanned on Thursday at 8:30pm the credit date and availability date will reflect a scanned date of Friday.

  14. Generally, you may deposit the same types of checks that you deposit at a branch or through the mail. We will only accept checks that are made payable to one or more of the account owners. The type of checks that we will accept through this service include:

    • Personal checks
    • Cashierâ€s or bank checks
    • Federal Reserve checks
    • U.S. Treasury checks
    • Business checks
    • Must have an HRCU account.
    • Must have an HRCU account open for a minimum of 90 days and be a member in good standing
    • Must be an HRCU Mobile Banking user
    • Must have a valid email address on file with HRCU
    • Any member that is eligible for Shared Branching will have access to Mobile Deposit
    • Any member delinquent on a loan for 31 days or more will not be able to use Mobile Deposit