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Jr. Achievement:

HRCU is offering a new Financial Literacy Program, FREE for the classroom! As a responsible, community focused organization, HRCU is committed to providing financial education to the community.

Youth Program Visits

Want Cash and Violet to attend an event of your own? If you have a classroom or another type of youth program, we can provide a 45 minute long activity of your choice:M3 Money Club. Violet and Cash.

  • Story time: We have many financial books geared toward various age groups. Choose a specific book from our book list and we'll share it aloud.
  • Financial activity packets: Let's have some fun with word puzzles, newsletters, coloring, games, etc.
  • Structured lessons: We can discuss topics such as wants vs. needs, budgeting, and saving money. This works best with smaller groups!

Just send an email to  with information about your youth program to get started.


We are excited to be working with Banzai!


Banzai! is an online interactive financial literacy program that is used in the classroom. It provides meaningful content using real-life scenarios that engages teenagers and doesn’t cost a dime for educators. Learn more about Banzai here!

HRCU at Spaulding High School:

The HRCU branch located at Spaulding High School in the R.W. Creteau Technology Center is open to the school as well as the public. In addition to offering members standard banking transaction, the branch provides students the opportunity to learn "hands-on" training and exposure to all aspects of banking.

Currently, the Spaulding HRCU Branch is open to the public Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and can accommodate many of our members standard banking transactions.

For more information, please contact the Youth Financial Education department at (603) 332-6840.